Tattoo Training Information

Immortal Tattoos believes in cohering ideas together and giving it a powerful voice and a shape. Tattooing has the ability to not only see but also bring a positive change in the future through its continuous evolution.

Armed with our brewing creativity of persistent thought, we give our best time and effort to craft this art in you. All you need for learning tattooing is the zeal to create and passion to perform.

The apprenticeship period usually takes 3-4 months. The duration of the apprenticeship varies from person to person. The focus starts from sketching, teaching you all the important techniques that you would require for tattooing in any style in future and then extends to different tattooing methods and art approach. With complete hands on experience on artificial skin, we give full liberty to the apprentice to experiment their skill before they actually dive into this vocation.


If you want to join as an apprentice, please make sure you are not planning to pursue this as a hobby. Contact us to explore further into this career.

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