Simmu Gill

Age: 26

Specialization: Line work, Dot work, Geometric

"Tattooing is priority.. Life starts and ends at making tattoos!"

Began as an apprentice at Immortal Tattoos in Dec 2014, Simmu was somebody who got inspired by his own tattoo that he had got made in 2010. Pursuing his graduation in field of animation, arts always attracted him as he had a creative vent of mind. A friend back from college inspired him and he is here today! One reason why tattooing- because he feels it is an individualistic art, where an individual can create things in his own way. One does not require team work or any third opinions. It your form of expression.. that says it all!

‘When I created my first tattoo- a geometrical owl on my own body, I knew that this plate had something planned for sure!’

Every new day has a new tattoo and a different goal. He wishes to create a big name, a history for himself in the industry; being a significant part of it. When he started tattooing, his family was a little reluctant towards the thought, but this art in him was truly inherited from his mom as she is an artistic lady as well. She is now proud to tell the world that her son is a tattoo artist, after he started this journey and she saw his first portrait.

When a tattoo is made, it feels like we are getting somebody’s imagination to reality. Following this thought, Simmu has been extremely creative in scheming and customizing his tattoos, creating this permanent art beautifully. In ancient times, art was on stones, then on paper, but now is the time where it is engraved on a human’s skin. With modernization, skin has become a canvas. A canvas which gives you a positive and good vibe on having an impression that reveals contemplation of the mind.

‘We fancy decoration in normal life, and this is a decoration for the body which has a meaning to one’s life.’

A very cheerful and smiling person, He carries a different tangent towards his own tattoos. He has an hour glass on the wrist, which always stays visible to him, a skull which represents a dark phase of his life, mountains in a jar explaining on how he captures all special moments in life. Following the same line, he attempts to make his clients extremely satisfied and happy with a tattoo that he makes. He might compromise on time, but never the thought behind the same! For him, a day automatically feels complete when a tattoo is completed successfully. He is automatically glad if the client is contented, and the best part is they never forget you because one can create a special bond by making a tattoo.

‘Studio is the first home, as all day I am here. Its exploration towards new people and a new design everyday. Every person here is family, they help me, they support me!’

Simmu Portfolio

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