Rishabh Narang

Age : 27

Specialization : Realism, Reatrism, Hyper Realism, Fine/Detailed/intricate work

" I don’t create tattoos, they create me "

An engineer by qualification, an artist by choice. Rishabh always had a knack for sketching and with the suggestion, support and great understanding from his Father, he decided to explore the world of tattooing. He went through with his apprenticeship at Devilz Tattoos, Delhi. After completing his apprenticeship, he continued to work at Devilz for another 5 months before returning to Chandigarh.

This guy who thought he was just good at sketching on paper, starting engraving this art on skin, at the age of 21, from Devilz Tattoos, Delhi. Developing this art from Lokesh Verma and Eugene, he worked for 5 months in Delhi and then returned back to his native place- Chandigarh, with a dream to start small but think big! ‘Immortal’, the name for his tattoo studio, was coined by his guru ‘Lokesh Verma’.

‘If you want fine art work, I can definitely pull it off!’

He always wanted to do something creative and was never a part of the clan who could be placed into a normal office job. As they say ’Kuch hatt ke karna tha ladke ko’.. Though becoming a tattoo artist was a little unexpected for him, but then he always had it inside him. Tattooing initially was quite interesting and fun, but now it means the world to him. He eats, sleeps, and walks tattoos. From past 7 years, he owes everything that he has learnt in his life to this profession. The most amazing part of this profession for him, is meeting new and amazing people every day and connecting to them through the stories he carves on them via tattoos.

Tough situations never scared him, rather inspired him to do better- making him what he is today. He one day originated this idea from a TV show- LA ink and then his father saw it in him. He gave it a try and…. Rest is not really history but for sure a journey towards creating history!

Rishabh does not consider this as just a zeal or passion, but is deeply proud to be a part of the oldest form of art which was a mode of communication. In a way, it still is as it expresses what one feels or relates to in life. This art is now evolving, creating a liberal world and crafting this beautiful form of expression, is a different feeling in itself.

This journey did not start with a particular thought, but has accumulated a great bunch of people and 2 studios that have the finest artists in India. The aim lies in spreading happiness, making the art popular and making the clients feel special, or even proud, for having a tattoo. The expedition still continues and wishes to take Tattooing to a level where it’s not just a craze or a mark, but an expression, a feeling!

‘It feels great to see clients smile, once they see that permanent mark, which is a vision of their thought, engraved on their skin. This feeling touched the deep sense which tells you- You have done a good job!’

With the first tattoo of a single alphabet on his own self, he has been captivated by things he saw around. Whatever he saw around, he used to sketch it on paper as a kid. Developing the style of realism over the years he loves to achieve what he sees around on the skin in his own way.

As an artist, Rishabh is his own critique and feels he can always do better than what he creates each day. He feels that till one doesn’t feel the need of seeking more, he can’t evolve as a successful artist. He always dreamt of this fantasy world where everyone is happy, free, doing what they want to do and to his fortune, this dream comes to reality everyday when he enters his tattoo studio, coz it is not just a place of work, but an arena that carries positive energy, amazing souls, best clients, crazy music and life!

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