Age: 23

Specialization: Cartoon, Old School, Comical

" Like Gods possess the power to create any and everything, I feel artists possess a similar power through the medium of art "

A school bench doodler, with a fascination towards the hit TV series LA Ink and some advice from a very wise friend, decides to venture into the world of tattooing with no intentions of turning back. Parmeet joined as an apprentice at Devilz Tattoos, Delhi in May 2011 at a very young and promising age of 18 , where he worked for a year before moving back to his hometown, the city beautiful, Chandigarh. He then freelanced for a couple of months before finally joining Immortal Tattoos in Oct 2012.

‘There is absolutely no limit to creativity and imagination. Tattooing allows me to set no limits to my thinking!’

Parmeet perceives tattooing as an interesting voyage, only instead of travelling through sea or space, he journeys through the mediums of art. His explorations with tattooing as a career have been joyous in regards to every aspect. Foremost, as a tattoo artist, he feels tattooing a piece of art on someone’s skin is intense and otherwise indescribable. Meeting new people everyday from all walks of life and sharing their experiences and reasons to get some ink on their skin is another thoroughly enjoyable perk and a means to learn to grow as a person and an artist.

Having an affinity towards cartoons and comics since his childhood, Parmeet is an awesomely colorful person and loves creating bold tattoos. After creating several tattoos, he delved deep into this style and observed color in a different way henceforth. Being inspired by world famous artists, he has studied and researched this style in his own vibrant way. He feels this is the best form of art that can change one’s mind, emotions and can influence the kind of person one is. The perception does not change in a single day but changes if you leap into something that you truly admire.
‘Studio for me is home away from home. I spend more time with the Immortal family than anywhere else. It doesn’t feel like a studio, but an environment where all creative people are working together to give their best!’

Tattooing would never leave him as it now has become an essential part of what he is and that truly reflects in the way he customizes and designs his tattoos.

Parmeet Portfolio

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