Himanshu Sharma

Age: 18

Specialization: Abstract, Illustrations

"Tattoos are memories that last forever, like literally!"

Started at the young age of 15 at Immortal studios in 2012, Himanshu always aspired to become an artist. Tattooing was not really a dream but then, the magic lies in the hands! He wanted to create meaningful memories onto the body of another. Memories that stay forever, with no regrets and always remind you the reason, the thought, behind that mark.

‘My first tattoo was on my real brother and that feeling of carving an image out on the skin is just priceless!’

His parents were initially not supportive of him getting into this profession, but then they saw him change as a person-becoming responsible, maturing thoughts and a lot of patience, as he evolved into it. And now they are proud to see their son becoming the best artist in the finest studio in India. Rishabh inspired and motivated him at every step to make this art, his life!

‘Making tattoos makes me calm..’

Been good at art since he was a child, he was unaware of different sketching techniques that can be inculcated in this art form. He feels practicing sketching has given him that extra edge that he required to mould this talent into what it is today. Tattoos are like putting an idea on the skin in a customized way for each client. Making them satisfied remains the goal in the end. Sketching random things on paper, he developed his style of tattooing and is still exploring more as he feels- abstract has no boundaries.

‘Immortal is the first and last word that comes to my mind when I think of always will be!’

The studio is like home away from home. For him, its family! A family that has taught him this art and have been supportive, in each step in this voyage. There has never been a sense of competition and he feels extremely lucky to be a part of this profession and Immortal Tattoos. There was no stress, just absolute learning and gaining exposure at every step.

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