Gaurave Sarwara

Age : 28

Specialization: Line work, Dot work, Geometric

" Tattooing for me is sacred, something I am truly honest with "

Gaurave started his tattooing career in 2012 at Immortal, after getting inspired by his own tattoos. He always wanted to do something different in life and was inclined towards 2 interests- Music and Art. Choosing the vast field of art, he pondered over different art forms that exist and tattooing was an impression that could flow out of his hands. A revelation of thoughts took place for him where he realized that art is important.  Tattooing was new, something unexpected and it makes him push his boundaries each day.

‘Making tattoos is sacred, you only get one opportunity to make it right. So believe in it and do it right with all your heart. This is one side of my life that I am truly honest with and I pursue this with whole of my conscience, giving every tattoo my best.’

For him, every tattoo is an attempt of getting better and he faces a lot of mixed emotions once the tattoo is complete. No doubt, a feeling of pride exists deep within for having achieved and still making up to this journey beautifully every day. How he grew into a great tattoo artist was by becoming his own critique and wanting to do better every time.

‘In this artist family, every person is different in an interesting way, which makes it a great team to work with.’

His journey with tattooing has been pretty constant in terms of growth and has had its own ups and downs. It has been way too interesting cause of the style that he has developed through the years- Geometric, Linework, Dotwork and Abstract. This always fascinated him as it has no limits and one can do wonders with just a dot and a line.  This journey slowly enlightened him towards what he loves the most- Indian patterns, sequential designs, sacred geometry, cubism, minimalism and similar patterns in this vast form of art.

Gaurave has this exceptional love towards the studio and the artist family he works with as he believes that he has gained immense knowledge by just observing and gathering from them. The studio he enters, gives him a holy feel as he creates sacred things in this pure ambience every day.

Gaurave Portfolio

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